Tesla and the Nature of Creativity

Have we misunderstood and mishandled creativity? What would it mean to federate a research article? These seemingly unrelated questions are here answered together, by discussing the way in which an unordinary research article about the nature of creativity has been federated. An unordinary way to handle academic creativity is thereby also proposed.  If I knew where the good […]

Knowledge Federation in a Nutshell

Knowledge federation might be the simplest and most natural idea ever proposed to academia. By acknowledging that knowledge and information are human creations and the very lifeblood of society, we propose a transdiscipline that continually reorganizes and recombines them. Knowledge federation treats knowledge and information as we treat other creations – matching them with the purposes […]

My career as an experiment

Acknowledgment: I am grateful to David Price and Fredrik Refsli for reviewing an early draft of this essay and suggesting valuable improvements. As explained in other posts in this blog,  my work during the past two decades has been on an emerging academic and innovation frontier, where structural or ‘paradigmatic’ changes in the way information is created and used are being […]

Eight vignettes to evangelize a paradigm

  Imagine people seated around a table, with some Lego blocks-like pieces of technology scattered on its top. (This is of course a metaphor: CollaboFramework – those “pieces of technology” – resides on a server hosted by our institute at the University of Oslo, which those “people around the table” can access through their PCs, while being physically located anywhere […]

The Garden of Liberation

A few weeks ago, at the Drammen Sacred music festival near Oslo, I gave a talk titled “Buddhadasa’s Buddhism and Nurbakhsh’s Sufism – Different Roads to the Same Destination”. With that talk and this blog post, The Garden of Liberation project or prototype has begun to exist. Bringing religion or spirituality to bear upon our impending cultural […]

A collective mind — Part One

 1 The collective mind challenge  An attractive side of our (Knowledge Federation’s) Tesla and the Nature of Creativity 2015 project is that it has allowed us to develop and propose a solution to an intriguing long-standing scientific open problem – whose practical relevance cannot be overstated! Vannevar Bush called attention to this problem in 1945, in his article “As We May Think”. Having, as […]

Enabling social-systemic transformations

Can social scientists team up with other scientists and stakeholders, and transform (rather than only observe) the society? A stage for this academic transformation has just been set. Excellently organized by Karen O’Brien and Linda Sygna here at the University of Oslo last week, the Transformation in a Changing Climate conference brought together some 250 engaged participants from […]

Toward a scientific understanding and treatment of problems

“Toward a scientific understanding and treatment of problems” is the title of the talk I gave last Wednesday through Skype, to the international workshop  Information Technology and Journalism at IUC Dubrovnik. By ‘problems’, I said at the start, I mean above all the large characteristic contemporary issues such as the climate change; but also other problems, […]