Knowledge Federation – an enabler of systemic innovation

Imagine that you are a journalist; and that one day you wake up thinking: “It really makes no sense to be a journalist while the things are as they are. It is not clear that journalism can still make money (in a world with abundant free information). And it is not clear that journalism can still fulfill its purpose (inform people in an increasingly complex world).” What would you do?

The problem seems overwhelming. You decide to take a stroll down town. You are looking at a store that makes tailor-made suits and you think: “Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a shop where I could have my profession tailor made? To suit not only me, but also the society it needs to serve. ”

Next month Knowledge Federation will be introduced at the workshop “Silicon Valley Insights: Openness, the Quadruple Helix and Knowledge Federation”, which we are organizing within the Triple Helix IX conference at Stanford University. In my talk I will introduce Knowledge Federation as a ‘workshop’ that can tailor not only journalism, but also any other knowledge-work profession such as science and education, and even more generally socio-technical systems. And before all accomplish the most enthralling task, which is our current focus – tailor Knowledge Federation itself! The details are in my Triple Helix IX article Knowledge Federation – An Enabler of Systemic Innovation.

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  1. This topic is so exciting. I think that one educational effort that is worth looking at in this respect – you might already know about it – is the chaos pilot education in Denmark:


    1. Thanks, Ingela. Yes, I know about it. Met some able young people who graduated from that school.

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