Ode to self-organization – Part Two

“In our quest for knowledge, an undertaking as old as the humankind, we have reached the point where we just have to continue through self-organization” is the claim I made at the end of Ode to Self Organization – Part One, and I promised to explain why in Part Two. A motivation for taking up […]

What is knowledge federation?

For a couple of years my fellow federators and I have been reflecting about a mountain top view that would profile knowledge federation and point at its advantages. Last June I was invited to talk about this subject to the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group of the Trinity College, Dublin, and, I felt, the intuitive ideas […]

Beyond Wikipedia

Last Monday in my Socio-Semantic Web and Knowledge Federation course I gave a lecture titled “Beyond Wikipedia.” The purpose of this lecture was: To explain to the students the notion of knowledge federation and To import into the course knowledge base the wealth of ideas that have been developed in connection with Wikipedia.   ‘Wikipedia vs. Britannica’ […]

How to marry optimism with ecology

While most of us are now becoming aware that some rather profound changes may need to happen if our grandchildren should have a world to live in, Paul Ehrlich has been giving us this message for over forty years, from the authoritative post of a Stanford University Biology Professor.  A few days ago I heard […]