Knowledge Federation Act Two

The  invitation flyer for the Dubrovnik workshop and the new Knowledge Federation website having been completed,  Act Two of Knowledge Federation development is about to begin. You may think of a knowledge federation as a new way of orchestrating knowledge work, which suits the interactive, networked media technology as astutely as the conventional organization suited the [...]

Knowledge Federation Act One

With the publication of the Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Knowledge Federation, Act One of Knowledge Federation development has been completed. We have good reasons to be satisfied: Knowledge federation as an idea and as a way of  working together has been designed and profiled. We have  developed an embryo of a community. [...]

Knowledge federation for Stanford

Stanford is a non-department. It has been established by several departments to cross the disciplinary boundaries and teach design thinking to everyone, and apply it to any subject or issue. My visit to a month ago was memorable. The similarities with what we have been doing at the University of Oslo are encouraging, [...]

Holoscope for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge

When he foresaw the end of scarcity, Buckminster Fuller had in mind not only the elimination of poverty, but also of scarcity-based competition, which continues to mark the political and social climate we live in. In March 1969 Fuller spoke to the US Senate Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations about his "World Game" proposal, which he [...]