The Game-Changing Game—a practical way to craft the future

“Crafting the Future” was the title of the tenth conference of the European Academy of Design (EAD10) last April in Gothenburg, Sweden. In my article I submitted The Game-Changing Game as a practical way to craft the future. I used the qualifier ‘practical’ for two reasons: To hint that ways for crafting the future that [...]

Orienting global change by changing education

As it was the case two years ago, this year's meeting of Knowledge Federation in Dubrovnik brought an upsurge of activity. Knowledge Federation is reorganizing, and at the same time expanding into new domains. To give you a flavor, I quote this email that I sent yesterday to the students of our new international "Systemic [...]

Information Age coming of age

As in every epoch of its existence, mankind today finds itself in a particular "situation". And as always this situation is created and nurtured by those who live amid the myriad events that comprise it—events that now are in the process of tumultuous and ever accelerating change, events that now increasingly and even violently clash with [...]

Knowledge Federation seen through the metaphor of bridge building

Is it true that problems such as war, unemployment, poverty, economic and environmental non-sustainability – and a vast amount of injustice that affects you and me and all of us directly – are built into the very mechanism of the global monetary system? This is what the Zeitgeist movement is claiming. "Money must go!" they [...]

Ode to self-organization – Part Two

“In our quest for knowledge, an undertaking as old as the humankind, we have reached the point where we just have to continue through self-organization” is the claim I made at the end of Ode to Self Organization – Part One, and I promised to explain why in Part Two. A motivation for taking up [...]

Boldly creating a world that works for all

“Boldly creating a world that works for all” is the motto of the San Francisco Bay Area Future Salon, where I gave my last lecture before leaving the United States, on May 26th, the evening before my flight back to Norway. "I will invite the Future Salon members to a bit of meta-thinking and meta-design," [...]