Boldly creating a world that works for all

“Boldly creating a world that works for all” is the motto of the San Francisco Bay Area Future Salon, where I gave my last lecture before leaving the United States, on May 26th, the evening before my flight back to Norway.

“I will invite the Future Salon members to a bit of meta-thinking and meta-design,” I announced in a three-question interview that was posted on the Future Salon website as part of the invitation. “What can you and I do that really can lead to a radical positive shift? I will raise this question by proposing a candidate answer.” In the lecture I proposed ‘Trimtabs for systemic change’ as a strategy for creating a world that works for all. I introduced this as a strategy complementary to the conventional way of handling contemporary issues, where we strive to understand and control specific problems such as the climate change.

Staged in lovely SAP premises in Palo Alto, in a seminar hall whose two glass walls offer a broad view all the way to the horizon, in front of a large and witty audience, this lecture was a true cream on the pie of my year-long visit to the States. The lecture as well as the dialogue that followed were streamed live online and also video recorded.

A sequence of events led to this lecture: Last December I introduced some of my work at Santa Cruz Salon. Nick Ernst who was coordinating this salon also organized BIL Santa Cruz 2010 on May 1, and he invited me to present. The title I chose for my talk was “How to avoid drying the floor with a towel, if in a cabin of a sinking ship.” Miguel Aznar, who presented right after me, liked my talk and decided that the material should be shown on Future Salon.

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