Municipality key point dialogs – a strategic point

I have just sent the following email to the Nature Culture Health (NaCuHeal) International Board members:

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the meeting and the conversation today.

I realize that when I begin talking about late Professor Werner Kollath I easily come across as someone who likes to tell long academic histories. The truth is, however, that I am using Kollath as an example to illustrate a point that, I believe, needs to be considered as central in NaCuHeal strategic thinking. I summarize that point by the following picture and comment:

We, modern people, are living (metaphorically speaking) in a sort of a magnetic field, which slowly but surely re-orients our values, habits, lifestyle and ideas as it suits various, mainly economic, power interests.

For illustration and reflection, please take a look at the Werner Kollath and Political Hygiene page that was prepared for the Key Point Dialog Zagreb 2008.

A result is that we no longer have natural and healthy values, habits, lifestyle and ideas.

As I said in today’s meeting, a purpose of the Municipality Key Point Dialogs (alias KommuneWiki) is to counter this negative influence by creating a public dialog. By developing this project, we want to open up a way for a popular shift to a more natural and healthy way of thinking and living.

I hope that we will have a chance to continue this conversation.

With warm greetings,


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